Wednesday, 28 August 2013

About Us

We are a Board Game Club site in Verona, in northen of Italy. 

The club was found in 2010 on 8th of October, when a group of 5 persons that like board games decide to organize activities for other people, initially friends, that maybe don't know anything about games.

In the last 3 years we have planned about 50 event consist of big events (normally planned on saturday, once per month), occasional meeting (in a pub or at someone's home) or partecipation in themed convenction like Lucca Comics & Games.

We focus on board game because they are very easy to teach at people, are funny and various, both for gender and difficulty. People also like to view pieces and boards, and coloured graphics help to attract new players

Despite other game clubs in our region, we don't  take care about Collectible Card Games and Roleplay Games; we have people that play this and maybe in future we can organize something. Also for videogame there is the same situation, because it's very expensive to take care those sectors.

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